Advocacy Centre

The purpose of this advocacy is to answer the call for feedback, this time regarding the latest revision to the proposed CPBC bylaws posted on February 7, 2023

College Posts Revisions to Proposed Bylaw Amendments

The new deadline for feedback is March 9, 2023

Our group continues to have concerns about the following issues as they pertain to the revised CPBC bylaws:

Some of the concerns may be addressed at the upcoming CPBC Q & A session to be held on March 6, 2023. The deadline to provide feedback on the revised bylaws is March 9, 2023. You can find a list of statements/concerns at  toward the end of this webpage that you can use or adapt for your own feedback.


The following elaborations are provided for your use in developing your own feedback:

Board Representation

Dual Roles 

(CPBC states “...some school psychologists may continue to provide services within the scope of another profession or occupation…”)

Hybrid/Online Training Programs 

Section 46(5) →  “...grants the registration committee the discretion to consider whether an applicant’s knowledge, skills and abilities are substantially equivalent to the established standards of academic or technical achievement and competencies”

Labour Mobility

CPBC states → “Currently, unregulated school psychologists are unable to make application for registration in another province or territory under those labour mobility agreements. Other jurisdictions may consider future eligibility on the basis of the scope and restricted activity statements in the regulation. CPBC cannot direct the decisions of other regulators in other jurisdictions regarding their obligations under these provisions.”

Pathway to Independent Practice

Scope of Practice and Restricted Activities as per Psychologists’ Regulation

Expedited Registration Date

Recommended Next Steps

To advocate for the future of the profession of School Psychology in BC, we recommend the following action items:

Contact Information

Ministry of Health, Executive Director Professional Regulation and Oversight 


College of Psychologists of BC

Email addressed to the Registrar: 

Ministry of Education


The efforts of this dynamic group are to provide suggestions on how to advocate. It is to present concerns voiced in the community in a way that is organized and centralized. It is up to each person to decide if they would like to pursue any of the suggested avenues of advocacy.