BC School Psychology Advocacy

Recent and upcoming regulatory changes affecting the field of School Psychology could have important and lasting effects on children and youth, families, schools, and communities. The changes add barriers to the profession and to service delivery. 

On February 7, 2023, the CPBC posted revisions to the proposed bylaws

From the highlight of key asks, two current practices are preserved:

(1) Those trained in School Psychology can continue to work with Registered Psychologists outside the school setting (e.g., community/health care and private-practice); and 

(2)  Those trained in School Psychology can continue to work in their other area of credentialed competency outside the school setting (e.g., Registered Clinical Counsellor).

The purpose of this advocacy is to answer the call for feedback regarding the most recent revisions to the CPBC's proposed Bylaws.

The new deadline for additional feedback is March 9, 2023

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